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We’ve all been there – you press the garage door opener button and…nothing. Or worse, the door starts to move and then gets stuck halfway. Nine times out of ten, the culprit is a broken garage door cable. Don’t panic, your reliable garage door company is here to walk you through garage door cable issues and repairs.

The Risks of a Broken Cable 

A faulty garage door cable poses major safety hazards. Torsion springs and extension springs are under extreme tension, so a broken cable can cause the door to slam shut violently. Loose cables can also develop gaps that little fingers could get caught in. Bottom line – don’t try any DIY garage door cable repairs! Always call in a trained professional garage door repair technician.

Signs You Need Garage Door Cable Repair 

How can you tell if your cables are shot? Keep an eye out for:

  • Fraying or kinking wires
  • Broken strands sticking out
  • Cables jumping off the cable drum when opening/closing
  • Sagging or uneven door movement

The Importance of Garage Door Cables 

Garage door cables play a vital role in the smooth operation of your overhead door system. They help lift the heavy door panels and hold the torsion spring’s tension. Without properly functioning cables made of sturdy galvanized steel or stainless steel, you’re in for big trouble.

Common Cable Types 

For standard lift doors, you’ll find standard lift cables attached to the cable drum. Doors with a higher lift track require high lift cables that have a different cable configuration. Other common types are:

Standard Lift Cables 

Found on most residential garage doors, standard lift cables have one end secured to the cable drum and the other attached to the bottom bracket at the side of the door. As the drum rotates from the opener’s motor, it winds or unwinds the cable, raising or lowering the door along its vertical track. Standard lift doors have a straight entry/exit path with typical ceiling heights.

High Lift Cables

For garages with higher ceilings that require a more angled track, high lift cables are used instead of standard lifts. These have a different cable configuration with a 90-degree bend or trapezoidal shape to accommodate the high lift track and allow the door to go further horizontally before lifting vertically.

Torsion Spring Cables 

Torsion springs mounted above the garage door provide the counterbalance force to offset the door’s heavyweight. Sturdy torsion spring cables connect the winding bars (where the spring ends coil up) to the cable drums on each side. When you operate the opener, the torsion tubes turn and either wind or unwind the torsion springs through these cables.

Safety Cables 

Acting as a backup security measure, safety cables run through the middle of the torsion springs parallel to the door header. If a torsion spring breaks under extreme tension, the safety cables catch the loose ends and prevent them from crashing down dangerously.

Extension Spring Cables

Older garage doors relied on stretchy extension springs on either side of the door rather than torsion springs. Extension spring cables transferred the lifting force from the stretched springs to the cable drums and bottom door brackets. Though less common today, these may still be found on some aged garage door systems.

The Cable Repair Process 

A typical garage door cable replacement involves:

  1. Carefully release tension from the springs using winding bars and correct tools while wearing safety glasses
  2. Removing the old cables
  3. Lubricating cable drums, pulleys, bearings
  4. Installing new cables and re-attaching springs
  5. Adding safety cables if not present
  6. Adjusting tension and testing the garage door opener

Top Garage Door Cable Brands 

For top quality and longevity, we use cables from trustworthy brands like:

  • Genie
  • Overhead Door
  • Amarr
  • Clopay
  • Wayne Dalton

Preventive Maintenance 

Like any hard-working mechanical system, garage doors require some basic upkeep:

  • Annual professional inspection and tune-up
  • Watching for signs of wear on cables, springs, rollers
  • Testing the auto-reverse safety feature monthly
  • Lubricating moving parts regularly

This simple maintenance can prevent surprise break-downs and costly repairs down the road.

The Cost of Garage Door Cable Repair 

Most homeowners pay between $100-$200 for a professional cable repair job, including labor and materials. The exact price depends on the door size, cable type, and whether any other components need replacement (pulleys, rollers, etc).

Why Choose Garage Door Repair Sunnyside?

When it comes to garage door cable repair, you want a company you can trust to do the job safely and get your door working like new again. Here are the reasons Sunnyside homeowners consistently choose us:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Maximum 2-hour response
  • Same day appointments
  • Open weekends & holidays
  • Honest, upfront pricing
  • Trained, certified technicians
  • Premium parts warranty

Book a free quote for garage door cable repair near you today! Our technicians will inspect your system and have it running smoothly again in no time. Reach out now at 503-573-8028 to schedule your appointment.


Can I repair garage door cables myself? We strongly advise against DIY garage door repairs due to the extreme tension involved. Playing amateur with torsion springs is extremely dangerous without proper training. Save yourself a trip to the hospital and call the pros!

How do I know if I need cable repair or replacement? If you see any fraying, broken strands, or damage to the cable, full replacement is recommended. Our technicians will inspect the entire garage door system to recommend the most cost-effective fix.

How long do garage door cables typically last? With normal usage, you can expect 5-10 years out of your cables before they need replacement. Rusting, lack of lubrication, or issues with the springs can shorten their lifespan.

What causes cables to break prematurely? The #1 cause is lack of routine garage door maintenance. Cables under constant stress need periodic cleaning, lubrication, and inspection. Attempting DIY repairs, accidentally hitting the door, and rust can also lead to premature cable failure.

How can I maintain my cables to prevent breakage? Have your garage door company perform an annual inspection and tune-up. Between visits, spray the cables with lubrication spray and wipe them down. Visually inspect for any signs of wear, sagging, or damage as part of your monthly door tests.

Don’t let broken garage door cables turn into a costly headache! At the first sign of trouble, call Garage Door Repair Sunnyside at 503-573-8028 for reliable, same-day garage door cable repairs that keep your family safe.

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